Adolfo explaining Taino petroglyphs Inside Chicho Spring Adolfo Lopez explains the importance of the Taino petroglyphs.The petroglyph that he is shining his light on is believed to represent the number 13. This may have been a way to depict the lunar months.
Group of petroglyphs These petrglyphs were chalked for better viewing and for easier data collecting. This technique is not used as much today as it is believed to contribute to the erosion of the rock art. A current technique that is better for the preservation of the rock art is done by taking a clear plastic sheet and covering the art and then drawing the image onto the plastic sheet with a marker.
Stalactite petroglyphs These stalactites are just within the reach of daylight. This is an important part of Taino rock art that relates to Taino methology. The petroglyphs were carved where daylight would shine on them. The petroglyphs stop where the light no longer reaches.
Stalactite petroglyphs These stalactite petroglyphs were also chalked in.
Single stalactite petroglyph This petroglyph was made using the natural shape of the stalactite to emphasize the ancestral face.
Taino rock art This face is hidden in a cavity of the cave.